Using Redis for session storage in ACF and Lucee: why, and how it's easily done

How often are you reluctant to restart CF or Lucee because “users will get logged out”? What if you could restart and NOT lose sessions? How cool would that be? And did you know how easily it can be done? You could have it setup and demonstrated in minutes, for free!

Did you know that you can setup CF and Lucee so that if they are restarted, your user’s sessions are not lost? It requires zero code changes, just admin configuration. And did you know it’s been possible for ACF since CF2016? Oh, and this CF Redis sessions feature works on CF Standard as well Enterprise and the free Developer edition of course.

In this session, Charlie will show how easy this is to setup and use. He’ll discuss how to configure it in both ACF and Lucee, and since that’s so easy he’ll also discuss and demonstrate options for setting up a Redis server (on Linux, Windows, or Mac) or using a Redis service (including zero-cost options for testing or production). He’ll also address various other important aspects of using this Redis sessions feature.