Revolutionizing Task Scheduling in CFML!

Tired of managing scheduled tasks in the CFML engine administrators? Why does everything have to be a URL? How can I test my tasks? How can I make them portable? How can I make them more human, for Pete’s sake? Now you can with Box Tasks!

Join me for an insightful journey into task scheduling within the ColdBox framework for ANY CFML application, not only ColdBox. In this session, we’ll dive into how you can effortlessly create and manage scheduled tasks directly in your code, bringing a new level of control and efficiency to your applications and modules. You’ll also get a first-hand look at a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing and monitoring these tasks a breeze. Whether you’re a ColdBox veteran or just starting, this session will offer practical knowledge and tips to enhance your development workflow. Let’s explore how task scheduling in ColdBox can simplify your development process and elevate your applications.