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Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Our tools and services enable our customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time, and achieve greater business success. We help our customers make, manage, measure and monetize their digital content across every channel and screen.


Lucee is a light-weight dynamic scripting language for the JVM That Enables the Rapid Development of simple to highly sophisticated web applications. Lucee is fully compatible with the CFML tag script and language and from version 5 Introduces it's own language dialect.


Pixl8 is a London based web development and design consultancy and sponsor of the open source project PresideCMS, a Lucee powered Enterprise CMS.

Rasia Switzerland

We develop modern, concept adapting and top performing tools and Web Applications for clients around the world using the latest web techniques as well as CFML and Java as the main programming languages.


Intergral is the leader in professional monitoring and analysis tools for all ColdFusion platforms – our flagship product, FusionReactor provides real-time visibility and alerting of application performance issues and can be effectively used across the whole Software Development Life Cycle. Thousands of customers trust FusionReactor to monitor their applications, enabling them to identify and respond faster to performance and stability problems.


U2D steht für digitale Premiumlösungen nach Maß. Wir entwickeln seit dem Jahr 2000 hochflexible Software und Apps für das Event- und Lernmanagement an unserem Hauptsitz in Nürnberg. Zu unseren Kunden gehören DAX-30-Unternehmen sowie namhafte Weltmarktführer aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.

Ortus Solutions

Ortus Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of products and services for empowering, building, running and managing ColdFusion applications. We have proven track record of successful web application development from small scale to mission critical applications, software architecture, training and support services.

Bokowsky + Laymann

Bokowsky + Laymann, Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments konzipiert und realisiert seit über 15 Jahren anspruchsvolle Internet-, Intranet- und Extranet-Präsenzen, E-Business-Anwendungen sowie Apps für iOS und Android.


In addition to 19 years working with ColdFusion, we ran the CFUnited International Conference, and we’ve been awarded the “Best ColdFusion Consulting Firm” by the CFDJ (ColdFusion Developers’ Journal) 5 times in a row.


Events, lectures, conferences, workshops, trainings - we digitally record for you and combine image and sound as well as presentations directly into your documentation video.


Webapper is a cloud application engineering firm specializing in building, maintaining, troubleshooting and tuning/scaling complex Internet-based systems. We are especially well-known for having unparalleled experience with tuning and troubleshooting systems built upon ColdFusion/CFML platforms. In 2004, we created SeeFusion, the world's first tool for monitoring and troubleshooting ColdFusion-/CFML-based systems specifically.