RASIA Switzerland was founded by Tanja Stadelmann who has many years of experience in business leadership design and software.
For example Tanja was one of the founders of Railo Technologies, a company that developed the very popular Programming language called Railo used worldwide, including by companies such as NASA, Apple and RTL. Next to the very experienced management team, RASIA Switzerland can rely on a team of highly qualified university graduates, some with many years of software development experience.



In terms of experience, our team consists of some the best trained and most innovative minds in the CFML and Java world. Our team members are widely known in the community and appear at many conferences as speakers or presenters. We have experience in building and designing programming languages, designing the basic hard- and software architecture and optimize code for performance and functionality.
With the help of our large team, this is the unrivaled combination for top quality and experience.



We develop modern, concept adapting and top performing tools and Web Applications for clients around the world using the latest web techniques as well as CFML and Java as the main programming languages.
Our services include:

  • Java and CFML tools for JVM applications
  • Application development
  • Website optimization
  • Lucee / Railo installation
  • Backend Development
  • Code review
  • Lucee consulting and training
  • CSS and HTML optimization