The ticket price for CFCamp 2018 depends on how far in advance you order it.

Early bird

- Sep 10, 2018

215 EUR


(180,67 EUR + 19% VAT)


Sep 11 - Oct 15, 2018

245 EUR


(205,88 EUR + 19% VAT)


Oct 16 - Nov 8, 2018

275 EUR


(231,09 EUR + 19% VAT)


Ticket price includes access to all sessions, access to the after show party, access to the fair, food and drinks during both days and a conference goodie bag!

It also includes a YubiKey 4 authentication key (worth $40) and a free FusionReactor developer licence (worth €179)



Frequently asked questions:


You need a hotel room?

If you need a hotel room, we absolutely recommend the beautiful Marriott Freising where also the conference take place. Big rooms with modern interior and a lot of additional ammenities (like a swimming pool, fitness center, free Wifi, etc.).

Our room contingent has been used up. To book a room please use the Hotel Website directly:

Hotel Reservation for CFCamp 2018


For more impressions please see here

We have a contingent for 60 rooms for us reserved until end of september.

Letter of invitation

You need a letter of invitation to visit the CFCamp? No problem, send us a message via our contact form and we will send you the neccessary information.


A word about VAT:

We're often asked why we put VAT on the ticket price. The reason is, that we have to.

The continued desire to ensure both uniformity of treatment along with the EU’s stated objective of “modernisation and simplification of the operation of the common VAT system” led to an amendment of the sixth directive in regards to where was deemed to be the place of supply for certain transactions. Article 53 of the amended directive set out that the place of supply for the purposes of supply of cultural, artistic, sporting, educational and entertainment services would be the place where those services are physically carried out.

What does this mean for event organisers and customers?

Because the place of supply is where the “event” is actually taking place it means VAT must be charged at the applicable rate in which the event occurs.

How do EU taxable customers recover their VAT?

Taxable entities within the EU should claim any VAT refund entitlement through the portal of their home state tax collection agency, for example Irish Taxable entities should recover French VAT incurred through the portal of the Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland

And non EU entities?

The ability to recover VAT incurred by a non EU entity will depend entirely upon any reciprocity agreement that may be in force between the country in which the VAT was incurred and the Country where the non EU client is based. Additional advices will need to be taken if this scenario applies.