In 2023, we're again going to offer some amazing training sessions, workshop and speciality mini-conferences before the actual main conference. The Pre-Conference events are held at the CFCamp venue at the Marriott Hotel Munich Airport in Freising.

All Pre-Conference events will take place on Wednesday, June 21 and can be booked alongside your the CFCamp ticket or as a separate, independent booking.


All chargeable pre-conference events include food and drinks during the day, including a delicious lunch.

Below are the training we're offering this year:

Pre-Conference Dinner

Do you want to meet other attendees or some of the speakers?  We'll meet at the Marriott Hotel bar at about 19:00 on Wednesday, June 21 for an informal meet & greet. Come and join us.

Preside Puffin


A whopping four years have passed since our last PresideCon back in 2019 where we announced the release of Preside 10.11. With over 10 releases since then, there is a lot to talk about! Come and meet with the Preside team and community to hear about all the latest Preside platform awesomeness.
Ticket: 75€ (89,25€ incl. 19% tax)

CFML-logo-L.png 1

Legacy Code Conversion To The Modern World

This one-day workshop will focus on converting legacy .cfm-based sites into a more modern coding design that has less overall code, is easier to maintain and manage, mistakes and errors can be more readily and speedily identified and fixed, and is easier to read..
Ticket: 349€ (415,31€ incl. 19% tax)


CommandBox Server Deployment for the Modern Age

This course will show you how to deploy applications for local development or production servers using CommandBox and its ecosystem of tools.
Ticket: 349€ (415,31€ incl. 19% tax)