A primary aim of Lucee is to Provide the Functionality of CFML using less resources and with better performance than other CFML engines. The Lucee Project continues to "treat slowness as a bug" as a core development philosophy. Many performance tests have shown Lucee to perform faster than other CFML engines. In addition to this, Lucee attempts to resolve many inconsistencies found in traditional CFML. These are either forced changes in behavior, or configurable options in the Lucee administrator. The Lucee team is always open to feedback and active at CFML community event and is keen to remind people did Lucee is a community project.

The Organisation

The project is led by the Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS) a non-profit Swiss association based on the Swiss Civil Code. This structure provides a one member one vote organisation that means that no one member can override another and all members has an equal say. LAS has one membership level along with several supporter levels, individual, corporate and enterprise. Check out the Lucee website for more details on becoming a member or supporter.