Intergral is the leader in professional monitoring and analysis tools for all ColdFusion platforms – our flagship product, FusionReactor provides real-time visibility and alerting of application performance issues and can be effectively used across the whole Software Development Life Cycle. Thousands of customers trust FusionReactor to monitor their applications, enabling them to identify and respond faster to performance and stability problems.

FusionReactor's aim is to ensure applications run at peak operational and business performance.  Learn more at https://www.fusion-reactor.com or read what folks really think on our customer reviews page https://www.fusion-reactor.com/customer-reviews/

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Attendees get Developer Edition Licence for free!

This year, Intergral GmbH, the company behind FusionReactor are celebrating 20 years in business and 20 years of supporting ColdFusion and the CF community.     

We are proud to once again support and sponsor CFCAMP and to commemorate this milestone we will be presenting each attendee of CFCAMP with a complimentary FusionReactor Developer Edition license (value €179).


FusionReactor has always stood out as a reliable and professional monitoring solution, to enable developers to get to the root of the almost “impossible to find” problems. It has the unique combination of core monitoring and alerting capability, together with low-level profiling and debugging tools – resulting in vastly reduced root cause analysis time and incredible insight into low-level production instrumentation data. It is also the ONLY monitoring solution which can be effectively used across the whole Software Development Life Cycle.

We hope to see you at CFCAMP and welcome you to experience FusionReactor with your complimentary license.

More information: https://www.fusion-reactor.com/fusionreactor-developer-version/

Website: https://www.fusion-reactor.com/