Deploying CFML Applications on AWS with CDK: A Practical Guide

Learn to deploy CFML apps like Masa CMS on AWS effortlessly using AWS CDK. Uncover best practices and tips for seamless deployment. Elevate your AWS game in minutes!

Join us for an immersive session on leveraging AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to effortlessly deploy CFML applications, with Masa CMS as a prime example. Explore AWS architecture examples tailored for CFML apps and learn how to construct and configure Docker images for seamless deployment.

Discover the power of CDK as we delve into its capabilities, defining infrastructure as code for your CFML projects. Uncover best practices and gain valuable insights into optimizing your deployment workflow with CDK, including essential tips and tricks for efficiency and scalability.

Whether you’re new to AWS or an experienced developer seeking to streamline your deployment process, this session equips you with the knowledge and tools to confidently deploy CFML applications on AWS using CDK. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your AWS deployment game and unlock new possibilities for your projects.