This year's programme was once again open for participation from the CFML and wider development communities. If you're interested in what the Call For Papers for CFCamp 2023 looked like - it's still online on (but now closed as of mid-March 2023).

So far, we have confirmed and announced 21 talks. There are still a few more to come, stay tuned.

The sessions will be assigned to slots and rooms a bit closer to the event.

Kai Koenig - cferror

Beyond <cferror>: Keeping on top of your crashes

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a website, an app or on a complex back end enterprise system. We all know that software is usually not free of bugs. Monitoring your back end systems in some way is reasonably common nowadays. But is there more to it than just dumping errors into a DB table?

Michael Horne - Business Rule Visualisation

Business Rule Visualisation using CFML and HTML - or "What we really need is a flowchart"

When your business rules overwhelm you with complexity and you need your business users to be able to change them, what do you do? My solution was software that presents business rules as a flow chart. Sophisticated enough to represent the rules but simple enough for users to modify them.

Eric Peterson - cbPlayright

cbPlaywright — End-to-End Tests with Playwright and TestBox

Test your application in the same way your users interact with it while still writing your tests in TestBox and CFML. Learn tips and techniques for writing good end-to-end tests, and discover the power of Playwright.

Luis Majano - cbSecurity

cbSecurity - Secure all Things!

The ColdBox cbSecurity module is a collection of modules to help secure your ColdBox applications. From security contexts, rules, annotations, headers and even password generation. cbSecurity will help you secure all things.

Guust - docker

Configuring CFML Docker containers through environment variables

Containers have become the cornerstone of modern development, but hardcoded configurations can complicate deployment and limit their usefulness.

Kevin Goldsmith

Don't Quit Your Day Job (Unleashing Creativity: The Inspiring Synergy between Software Developers and Emerging Technologies)

Join us for an enlightening keynote presentation that will demonstrate how software developers and emerging technologies have a rich history of collaboration, even when it initially appeared that new advancements might threaten the profession.

ETL in Lucee, does it make sense and how to tune it?

Currently, the presenter is using custom created ETL to load data from different sources into the database. Does it work?

Jafar Shayan - Agile

Exploring the Dark Side of Agile Software Development and Software Architecture

This talk will uncover the brutal truth about Agile software development and software architecture! Jafar will share real-world examples about ugly truths and harsh realities of these practices. Through raw and unfiltered insights and case studies learn how to turn the pitfalls into opportunities.

Max Kwapil - cypress

Frontend Testing with is an awesome frontend testing tool that can run automated tests with the help of embedded browsers and their APIs. Check if your website does what it says with scripts in an easy-to-learn JS syntax and watch cypress open a browser and magically check your site as if it were a user.

Eric Peterson - Front End

Get your Front End Rolling with Vue and InertiaJS

The JavaScript frontend scene is exciting, but maybe you don’t want to write an API just to use the new shiny. Enter InertiaJS, a new framework that allows you to use Vue as your view layer while keeping your existing backend. Come see how to take advantage of this using ColdBox, Vue, and InertiaJS.

Charlie Arehart - Hidden Gems

Hidden gems in ColdFusion 2023

What’s new in CF2023–that you may not hear so much about? With each release, certain “key” features get lots of attention, but there are always little “hidden gems” that may excite you even more.

Richard Herbert - Multicontext

Hosting Multi-context Lucee with CommandBox and ModCFML

Hosting multiple Lucee websites on a single computer can be complex and frustrating. Using CommandBox and ModCFML, this talk will help smooth out those complexities and relieve you of those frustrations.

Zac Spitzer - Lucee Code Base

How to hack on the Lucee Server code base

You love Lucee and know a bit of Java and would like to get involved with making Lucee even better?

Hila Fish - Incident Management

Incident Management - Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Incident management can be challenging and throw you curveballs with unexpected issues, resulting in data loss, downtimes, and overall money & hours of sleep going to waste, BUT! There are practical things you could do & prepare you to make it a smoother process and handle it better.

Grant Shepert - Masa

Masa CMS in a modern ecosystem

Pity the developer whose stack dictates their solutions. Masa CMS has an assortment of tools and methodologies for integrating into the modern ecosystem. From headless renders to JS SPA’s, Masa’s flexibility will free your solution from the underlying stack

Mark Drew - Task Scaling

Massive Task Scaling with Lucee’s Task Event Gateways and Kubernetes

In this presentation, the speaker discusses the process of scaling tasks using Lucee’s Task Event Gateways and Kubernetes. The presentation highlights the challenges of quickly scaling to meet demand and the benefits of using Lucee’s Task Event Gateways for task management.

Brad Wood - Passwort salting

Please pass the salt: Serve up passwords with a side of entropy

We’ll look at what you’re doing right… and wrong when storing your user passwords. We’ll look at the most basic forms of password storage and move to more secure methods, discussing advantages and disadvantages of each method, including covering high-visibility hacks that have hit real companies.

Dan Card - React

React and CFML : A Natural Fit

React is a “View” framework and makes powerful JavaScript based applications for the browser. CFML is a server side “Controller” language and can rapidly create powerful and secure APIs to be used by outside applications. Here, we’ll create a React app and a CFML API for a working local ecosystem.

Dom and Alex - PresideCMS.png

Scaling our Lucee powered product business

In this talk, Alex and Dominic discuss the problems and solutions they have used to efficiently run and scale their vast CFML estate across different regions in Kubernetes using Preside, Gitlab, ELK, Grafana and more!

Taming the Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses with CFML

It doesn’t matter what language you use, security weaknesses will find a way to show up. In this talk we’ll look at 25 types software weaknesses that cause the most security vulnerabilities. For each weakness we’ll look at how CFML might be impacted and most importantly to avoid it.

Hila Fish - Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation - How Can I Write Them Better and Why Should I Care?

Data collection done by people is a wasteful act, and could result in a duplicated work. Gathering info for tasks, for code readability or for infrastructure maintenance - Documentation plays a crucial part in that. How can we write technical docs in an easy way & why should we? find out here!

David Tattersall.png

Unleash the Power of FusionReactor and OpsPilot AI: Accelerate Troubleshooting and Optimize ColdFusion Performance

Join us for an exclusive presentation on FusionReactor and OpsPilot AI, where we'll demonstrate how these powerful tools can revolutionize troubleshooting and optimize the performance of your ColdFusion applications.

Nolan Erck - Web Components

Web Components in Your CFML Application

Web Components provide a modular way to build a consistent design system and user experience across your entire application. Instead of copy/pasting chunks of coded into various places, you can have a JavaScript/HTML expert focus on the UX, without them needing to worry about anything else!

Sebastian Zartner - CSS

What's new in CSS?

A breakdown of all CSS features that made it into browsers lately and a peak into upcoming features from someone involved in the CSS standardization.

Nolan Erck - Testing

Why Testing Is Important And Where Do I Start?

Apps are getting more complex, clients have big expectations, and the world is growing quickly. But the idea of using a full blown testing framework feels daunting, so instead we do...nothing.