See here the list of the submitted Sessions. This is not the final list of session that will be presented at the conference.

OAuth 2 for me and you

Authentication is key when dealing with the web, certainly when calling, liaising with and using external API services. You may even need to implement ( or may already have ) your own authentication service for your apps or for others to use.

Clojure: Manipulating the Immutable

A brief intro into Clojure with some examples of how to efficiently manipulate data structures

Plumbing with Bitbucket Pipelines

Bitbucket Pipelines brings continuous integration and delivery to you GIT repository, empowering you to build, test, and deploy your code with a simple push.

Apache Kafka: Intro and use in cfml

Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. And you can use it with CFML. See how.

GraphQL - A query language for your API

Everything you wanted to know about GraphQL but were afraid to ask.

A Tale of Legacy To Modernization

Evolve or Die! How many times havethey told you, „You still coding in that?“. Come to this session to discover the infamous land of legacy ColdFusion applications, their why and existence motivations.

ColdBox 5: Hierarchical MVC -Transform Your Monolith

The ColdBox Platform was the first conventions based MVC framework for ColdFusion. It has evolved and become the de-facto standard for building scalable and modern ColdFusion applications. Come learn about hierarchical MVC and modularization to scale your applications to a new modern era. We will showcase all the tools to help you architect, document and scale your RESTFul and Web applications.

Scaling the web - a field guide for normal software teams

While the web represents a fantastic opportunity for companies to reach huge markets with ease, it can present some very real and unique challenges for those looking to successfully grow their applications to "web scale".

All About Application.CFC

Still using Application.CFM files? You might be losing out on some easy improvements to your application. Application.CFC takes what Application.CFM does and improves upon it greatly.

Git Source Control: for the Rest of Us

What about those designers/JS/CSS folks that WEREN'T using Subversion, and don't CARE about how under the hood Git uses a different type of pointer file storage thing, blah blah blah? There's a whole new wave of developers/designers that could stand to have an intro to Git that matches their workflow more concisely.

CFCouchbase 2.0 and N1QL

CFCouchbase, the unofficial ColdFusion SDK for Couchbase supports all of the new functionality available in Couchbase Server 4.x, including document locking, replica reads and N1QL / SQL querying support.

Getting Started with NoSQL

You’ve heard about NoSQL, now what? Tired of wading through blog posts, twitter feeds and StackOverflow questions about which NoSQL vendor to choose?

How to migrate 400.000 webpages with ColdFusion - an adventure story.

Goethe-Institut, the cultural institute representing the Federal Republic of Germany internationally, had to renew almost all of their software infrastructure that powers their web activities worldwide. Almost all components from the Content-Management System to the internal search engine had been reviewed and renewed.

Getting Stuff Done the Agile Way

Everyone is talking about Agile and Scrum these days but do you really know what it means?

Building Apps for Amazon Alexa

In this presentation you will learn the foundations of developing voice-enabled apps for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and building your own custom Alexa Skill in ColdFusion.

FW1 - Don't do spaghetti code, Use ultra light MVC framework

Legacy spaghetti code sucks, If your avg. LOC of your cfm file is high, then you are going to spent half of your life time in scrolling & debugging that monolithic code. FW1 will help to start with baby steps to organize your code in to MVC design patterned codebase. In this session, We will cover basics of MVC, FW1 basics, commonly used functions, REST support. We will try to cover subsystems, DI/1 & AOP/1.

Solving problems in ways never before possible, with FusionReactor 7

What's new in FR7? A treasure trove. Ever need to solve jvm memory leaks? FusionReactor 7 now includes heap analysis. Wish you could understand the Tomcat web connector better? FR 7 now includes JMX metrics. Want to watch your server's performance via AWS CloudWatch? FR 7 lets you export over 150 metrics to that service. Come learn about these new and many enhanced features, to help solve problems in ways never before possible.