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JVM Security Manager

The JVM Security Manager - a much underappreciated feature of the JVM

ORM Love and Hate

There are people who love ORM and people who hate it. After this session you can decide what you do - Maybe you stop hating it.

I do CFML, java, PHP and… human rights!

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (better known as “GDPR”) has been around like forever. At least for legal and IT professionals. This Regulation has been seen as a data protection matter, but GDPR is not about protecting data. GDPR is all about protecting humans from undue negative effect that may result from the processing of information about (or relating to) them.

Flutter - the next generation of cross-plattform app development

Google has this reasonably new thing: “Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.”

Going live with Commandbox and Docker!

The latest in cool is using containers and Docker! In this session I shall show you how we containerise our applications at CMD and how this has helped our clients.

Building an API with cffractal and coldbox

In this session we will cover how to build an API using ColdBox, but with the added benefit of using cffractal, an incredible ColdBox module that helps you iterate over collections of data or return single structural information.

WebSockets from scratch

Description will follow

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

An introduction to the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and its associated services and how it all slots together to give you a world-class platform for continuous integration (CI) and deployment.

CFML is Java

You probably already know that your CFML code is compiled into Java classes and runs inside a Java Virtual Machine. In this talk we will cover what that means, how it works, and how you can use it to your benefit, to fine tune your application's performance, write more performant code for those places where every microsecond counts, or develop applications faster by utilizing one of the many available FOSS Java libraries.

Dependency Injection, why is it awesome and why should I care?

Dependency Injection is a very common pattern used in modern web development. It's not specific to Java or ColdFusion or JavaScript...but it's equally awesome in all of those! And in other languages too! We'll look at some of the problems that Dependency Injection helps to solve; we'll look at some related concepts such as "aspect oriented programming" (AOP), and inversion of control (IOC); and show you how adding a DI framework to your app might be just the magic your app needs!

AngularJS + ColdFusion

AngularJS is an extremely popular JavaScript framework for building client-side applications. Angular contains lots of great features and can be used to build both web and mobile applications. Then comes the server part. How do we send data from the Angular app to a server in the cloud? That’s were our ColdFusion code comes into play.


In diesem Vortrag gehen wir auf die aktuellen Bedrohungslagen und Phänomene im Bereich Cybercrime ein, geben Einblick in die mögliche Vorgehensweise des Täters und zeigen auf, welche Schutzmechanismen wirksam sind.

Preside platform (Open Source Digital experience management & competing with Salesforce & MS Dynamics)

Preside is an incredibly powerful application development platform. Yes, it can be used to build websites and has awesome CMS capabilities, but these are just a subset of its features and can be completely turned off.

CF2018 - Hidden gems

It's that time again: another new version of CF has come out (CF2018), and it's time for veteran CF troubleshooter and presenter Charlie Arehart to continue his tradition of identifying "hidden gems" in the new release, as he's been doing since CF4.

cbStreams : come accelerate your functional programming with Java streams in CFML

The whole idea of streams is to enable functional-style operations on streams of elements. A stream is an abstraction, it’s not a data structure. It’s not a collection where you can store elements.

Adobe ColdFusion 2018

The new Adobe ColdFusion 2018 version has a lot new functions that make your work more efficient and comfortable. See how the new stuff works for you

High Performance CFML

Of course you can buy bigger machines, more RAM and faster network connections. But there's a simpler and cheaper way: write performant code! What is fast and what is not fast coding wise - see it here.

create a 2-factor authentication for your own website

Security is getting more and more important. A 2-factor authentication will help you securing your logins. See here how you can integrate a 2FA by yourself with your YubiKey.

Building a Customer Data Platform using Lucee & Piwik PRO

During this session we will introduce you into the wonderful world of Customer Data Platforms and how you can integrate this into your own (maybe Lucee based) applications. Be able to target your visitors individually with the right content, integrate with external applications for data activation and transform your often anonymous visitors into known individuals.

Command Line Tooling via CFML

Command line tools are all around us. We use them to interact with Git, Docker, Vagrant, or Angular. Many of these tools are written in Node, Python, or even Ruby, but did you know you can write your own command line tools directly with CFML?

GDPR: concerns of a WebDev

Since the European General Data Protection Regulation took effect in May web developers had to face a lot of pratical problems to fulfill the new regulation. Especially the legally integration of common Social Media PlugIns is a challenging effort. Common solutions are not really useable for CF. That´s why Bokowsky + Laymann developed an own framework for this purpose.

The Yubikey

The Yubikey is the perfect solution for you to authenticate against services and websites. See what els you can do wiht the Yubikey and how it helps you extending your security.

Integrating MVC into legacy

Many people have a legacy codebase they would like to modernize but don't know where to start. The good news is you can make this transition slowly and at your own pace by embedding the new with the old. ColdBox's conventions are simple and easy to learn so you can convert the basics at first and implement more complex features down the road. We'll cover several methods of integrating ColdBox MVC into a legacy application and have demos of each to get you started.