This year's programme was once again open for participation from the CFML and wider development communities. If you're interested in what the Call For Papers for CFCamp 2024 looked like - it's still online on (but now closed as of end of March 2024).

So far, we have confirmed and announced 20 sessions. There are still a few more to come, stay tuned.

Also, please make sure to check the preliminary conference schedule (subject to change)!

Apple Maps: an alternative worth considering for your website

Google Maps is the de facto standard for embedding maps on your website. But there are alternatives out there, and I’ll be looking at why a switch to Apple’s MapKit ecosystem might make sense for you (and your wallet)…

BoxLang: The Future is Dynamic

Just like life, our code must adapt to the ever changing world we live in. From one day coding for the web, to the next for our tablets or APIs or for running serverless applications. Multi-runtime development is the future of coding, the future is to be dynamic. Let us introduce you to BoxLang.

BoxLang vs the world

It's easy to think that BoxLang is simply another Adobe ColdFusion clone, but it's so much more than that. While BoxLang for sure can run your CFML code, it contains a variety of architectural and language spec contstructs that typical ColdFusion development hasn't seen before.

CBDebugger : Debug your Box apps with ease!

The ColdBox Debugger module is a lightweight performance monitor and profiling tool for ColdBox applications. It can generate a friendly debugging panel on every rendered page or a dedicated visualizer to make your ColdBox application development more excellent, funnier, and greater!

Converting, filtering, and importing files and metadata using CFML and Javascript

So many file formats! So much data! So much stuff! A single developer versus a tricky problem: Get products into our database without causing our staff to go insane. What was needed? A sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, system to import metadata from the world’s leading educational publishers.

Data modelling, management and storage with Apache Cassandra and CFML

We all are more or less used to relational data base systems. Over the last 10 years additionally NoSQL DBs like MongoDB have become more popular. An underutilised approach to storing and managing information are wide-column stores like Apache Cassandra. Let’s have a look at how this works with CFML.

Deploying CFML Applications on AWS with CDK: A Practical Guide

Learn to deploy CFML apps like Masa CMS on AWS effortlessly using AWS CDK. Uncover best practices and tips for seamless deployment. Elevate your AWS game in minutes!

Elevating Lucee and CFML with CF-ChatGPT-Bridge: Content Completion & Chat Assistance

This talk will explain how to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT for content completion & chat assistance with CF-ChatGPT-Bridge. Just use simple functions like suggestContent for completion and sendMessage for chat without needing to understand the intricacies of ChatGPT integration.

Getting started with Lucee 6 WebSockets

The Lucee team are working on an offical WebSocket Extension (BETA) for Lucee Server 6 :-) This presentation will introduce WebSockets and what they are good for, compare and contrast with ReST API, how to install, configure, and use. Now Lucee Server can push data to your browser!

Get To Know Alpine.js (90 minutes hands-on workshop)

Alpine.js has been described as “jQuery for the modern web”. It’s very lightweight, declarative, reactive, and can be embedded into any web page. Plus it requires no build or compile steps! It’s the perfect solution for when you want to drop some SPA-like functionality into your existing codebase.

How to test and build your app automatically - an introduction to CI/CD with Gitlab

Are you tired of manually testing your code? Do you enjoy writing code but hate the manual compile and build step? No worries, in this talk I will show you how to automate all that using just a gitlab account and nothing else. Learn how to take the pain out of what comes after the git commit today!

HTMX - I am a HTML programmer & Old school guy

Learn the 2nd ranked “Front-end Framework” in the “2023 JavaScript Rising Stars” survey

I'm Still Scared of Aspect Oriented Programming!

So you’ve figured out what Model View Controllers do, and even wrapped your head around using Dependency Injection for bean management. But that pesky AOP layer is still a complete mystery! It’s not that bad, I promise. And in this talk we’ll go over the basics of what AOP does. Let’s learn how!

Introducing the Page Object Pattern with CodeCeptJS

If your automated test code is unwieldy and repetitive, this is the talk for you! Page Objects hide (encapsulate) details of a page’s structure and workings from the actual test code. No more painstakingly listing every step of every page! Assertions take center stage in the test code.

Leading the next generation during the digital age (Sponsor session)

In a rapidly evolving world, effective leadership demands introspection and adaptability to align with the values and expectations of a workforce increasingly dominated by Generation Z and Millennials.

Make your own form element using Web Components (90 minutes hands-on workshop)

Learn to create custom form elements that behave like built-in form elements including validation, form submission, and styling.

Passwordless authentication

Having to identify ourselves and/or verify the identity of our users is a fact of life. For a long time this has been done using an ever increasing list of usernames and ever more complex passwords. Passwordless authentication might finally turn the tide and not just make it safer, but also easier.

Powerful Document Format: Using Adobe ColdFusion PDF Capabilities in Your Workflows

Join Mark Takata, Senior Technical Evangelist for Adobe ColdFusion, as he deep-dives into the various capabilities of Adobe ColdFusion to create and manipulate PDF documents. Mark will cover classic capabilities like DDX as we as the improvements to the PDF engine brought in CF2023. He'll also share some undocumented features that you didn't realize were available in ACF.

Revolutionizing Monitoring with AI: A Journey Towards Proactive Problem-Solving (Sponsor session)

This presentation offers a deep dive into the transformative potential of AI in application monitoring. We explore the shift from traditional reactive approaches to proactive, AI-driven monitoring.

Revolutionizing Task Scheduling in CFML!

Tired of managing scheduled tasks in the CFML engine administrators? Why does everything have to be a URL? How can I test my tasks? How can I make them portable? How can I make them more human, for Pete’s sake? Now you can with Box Tasks!

Strengthening Web Development with CommandBox 6: Seamless Transition and Scalability

Join us for a session exploring CommandBox 6’s smooth website transition and efficient deployment. CommandBox revolutionizes web development, simplifying tasks across Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. Gain insights and practical tips to enhance your development workflow.

TimescaleDB - PostgreSQL ++ for time series and events

Ain’t nobody got time for learning a new database, but I did. With the rising trend over the years of Time Series DBMS it might be useful that you reevaluate your database for your time-based data that you’re collecting. In this talk i want to show TimescaleDB, may i have a minute of your time?

Unlocking the Secrets of DevOps Transformation: Decoding Failure through the ADKAR Lens

Discover why DevOps transformations fail and learn practical strategies to succeed. Explore the ADKAR lens for insightful analysis and actionable solutions. Unmask the secrets of DevOps transformation in this engaging session.

Using Redis for session storage in ACF and Lucee: why, and how it's easily done

How often are you reluctant to restart CF or Lucee because “users will get logged out”? What if you could restart and NOT lose sessions? How cool would that be? And did you know how easily it can be done? You could have it setup and demonstrated in minutes, for free!