What is this conference about

CFCamp was created with the purpose of providing general training for both beginner and advanced level CFML programmers. The conference began life in 2008 with 100 attendees and 9 sessions. In 2011 we revived the conference and hosted 120 attendees and 9 sessions.

CFCamp has established itself over the years as a very well known conference in the CFML community and is the only CFML conference in Europe.

In recent years CFCamp has extended into a two day conference with more than 20 sessions about CFML and related topics around CFML. Topics covered in past years have included programming techniques, like OO and ORM, monitoring and managing CFML servers, security, optimisation and many more.

Beside CFCamp we always had several interesting events, like the CFAcademy, trainings sessions (i.e. Coldbox), product presentations and so on.

We're trying to reach every level of programmer, starting with 101 sessions on many topics and going right up to pro skills.

In 2015 we changed the location to the municon at the munich airport. And it has been found that this location fits really perfect to our needs.

2017 was the first time we haven been completely sold out! And again it was a fantastic conference.

The big success led us to the decision for a bigger location. And we happily found a great one, the München Airport Marriott Hotel.

2018 wasn't sold out. But the capacity of the rooms was twice as much as in 2017. So it's hard to get it sold out, but we keep on trying. But 2018 was even bigger as 2017.


We have the venue and the hotel rooms in the same building. This makes it very comfortable for us and our guest.


Every year CFCamp has been a fantastic event, including a pre conference dinner and a party at the first evening of the event and we have no reason to think that CFCamp 2019 will be any different.


We're looking forward to see all of you at CFCamp 2019.