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From Munich...

Take the A9 Munich-Nuremberg autobahn and follow the A 92 Deggendorf exit.
Follow the "München Flughafen" (Airport) signs.
The signs on the airport access road will take you to the "München Airport Center"…

From Erding:

Follow the signs for Terminals A-F. On the terminal access road you will see Terminals A-E on your right and the P1-P4 car parks on your left. After crossing "Brücke C" turn left into the one-way street towards the München Airport Center (MAC). At the end of the street, turn left in front of the MAC and drive just a few meters. Parking is available in the P26 parking garage (in Hilton Munich Airport: subject to parking fees) on Level 3. In the parking garage, follow the signs for municon. In the passageway to the MAC Forum you will see a foyer to your left. The elevator will take you straight to the conference center on Level 8.

Map: Parking facilities

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By S-Bahn rail link

Take the train to the last station ("München Flughafen"). Follow the signs on the platform for "München Airport Center" and take the escalator up to the München Airport Center Forum. Now bear left as you cross the forum, following the "municon conference" signs. In the passageway to the underground garage the elevators to your right will take you straight to the conference center on the eighth floor.

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