Dear friends of CFCamp,


We’ve been monitoring the pandemic situation since earlier in the year. It seems that for the foreseeable future it'll be nearly impossible to run a proper physical conference event.


CFCamp is more than just two days with a bunch of tech sessions. We are a community and the conference is not only driven by speakers and the organisers but also by the participants, chats over lunch, during breaks or while having a drink at the bar. And let's not forget the dogs-of-CFCamp from last year. Right now it’d be hardly possible to create this environment, not to mention travel and quarantine restrictions for international speakers and attendees.


Therefore: after considering all our options and the compromises we'd be willing to enter, we've decided against running CFCamp 2020.


Obviously there's the option of running an online virtual conference. Technology-wise that'd be feasible, but comes with its own issues: time zones, quality and reliability of audio and video stream and most importantly - creating an actual conference environment. On top of that, it feels that there's an oversaturation with online-conferences and everyone seems to be somewhat suffering from “zoom fatigue”.


We have decided not to pursue the idea of a virtual CFCamp 2020. That doesn't mean that the door for this type of CFCamp event has been closed forever. But if we were to do a virtual CFCamp, the time and format would have to be right with an appropriate setup.


So, the plan for now is as follows: we will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and hope that it will improve over the next few months. In a perfect world we might be able to run a physical event in 2021 with all of you. If that continues to be extremely challenging or impossible, we’ll reconsider and let you know of our updated plans. Stay tuned!