We call what we do 'Customization-As-A-Service'. We don't build from scratch: we find the best solutions out there and tailor them to our customers' business needs.

The Problems Our Customers Face

Our customers could be large retailers, small engineering firms, or newly-funded startups with massive growth ambitions. What they all have in common is that they're acutely aware that innovation never sleeps. They know they need to improve and evolve their businesses alongside their products and services. Why? Because they don't want to get left behind. They're conscious of the warp-speed pace of change for one. But more importantly, they know their customers want more – or will want more soon.


The Solution We Provide

We future proof businesses by evolving their processes and advancing their tech. Our starting point is their ambition – where they want to move from and to. Our clients know there's a better way of doing things. Sometimes they even know how to make that happen. Other times they need guidance, expertise, independent thinking, and the raw coding power able to deliver all of that with speed and at scale. In these ways, we seek to simplify their complexities.

We Are North is also the driving force behind the MASA Content Management Platform. MASA CMS is an Enterprise Content Management platform based on open source technology. MASA CMS allows you, quickly and efficiently, to deliver personalized internet and intranet sites and mobile applications. It allows for easy deployment on your infrastructure of choice (AWS, GCP, Azure, own hardware). MASA CMS is ideally suited to organizations looking to be compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR.


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