Getting started with Lucee 6 WebSockets

The Lucee team are working on an offical WebSocket Extension (BETA) for Lucee Server 6 :-) This presentation will introduce WebSockets and what they are good for, compare and contrast with ReST API, how to install, configure, and use. Now Lucee Server can push data to your browser!


  • What are WebSockets and why should you care
  • If you are using long-poles, you are going to love WebSockets
  • Cool things you can do with WebSockets
  • Creating Mobile Applications? This is not just a browser thing
  • If you can spell CFML you can now add WebSocket Engineer to your LinkedIn in profile


  • Install the Extension
  • configure the Extension


  • Enough talking, show me the code!


  • Tell me what you are going to do with Lucee 6 WebSockets