Passwordless authentication

Having to identify ourselves and/or verify the identity of our users is a fact of life. For a long time this has been done using an ever increasing list of usernames and ever more complex passwords. Passwordless authentication might finally turn the tide and not just make it safer, but also easier.

Passwordless authentication is a set of standards (webauthn + CTAP2 = FIDO2) that allow secure login without ever having to enter a password. It is enabled by secure devices (Yubikey, Titan key, Android, iOS etc.) which use public/private keypairs for very strong authentication. And while secure, they are still simple to use: just touch / click your device to sign up and once every time you want to log in.

Join this session to see

  • what passwordless authentication is, where it fits in the ever growing system of authentication standards and why you want to use it
  • how passwordless authentication works
  • how you can use it as a developer
  • how it allows one-touch login for a user