Richard Herbert

Richard has had a wide an varied career. He originally started in Architecture (the real bricks and mortar type) and structural engineering, designing oil rigs and airports. After being introduced to computing for structural analysis, he moved into computer aided design and then general IT management. With his interest in design and programming and the rise in the popularity of the internet, he registered his first domain name in 1995 (when it was free!).

By 2001 he had evolved into a freelance ColdFusion developer. During his dissertation research for a Masters degree in Internet System Development he discovered Agile and Scrum. This epiphany, that there is a recognised movement that shares the same values and beliefs, was a revelation! Subsequently he has promoted those values and beliefs wherever he has worked and by 2014 he became a Certified Scrum Master.

He now divides his time between ColdFusion development projects and Scrum Master contracts from the UK.