Guust Nieuwenhuis

Guust Nieuwenhuis

Guust Nieuwenhuis is a Full Stack Web Wizard with experience in a wide range of technologies. Over the last couple of years, he has been involved in projects for various clients like the European Commission, NSHQ (NATO), Adobe, AS Adventure Group, NS (Dutch railways), Proximus and Mediagenix.

Through We Are Orange (, organizations are provided with technological answers to complex issues. In doing so, he never loses sight of the goal of the client.

Meanwhile, he has developed his own product: Pedrillo ( It’s a SASS solution for music orchestra’s to manage their musicians, events, library, etc.

In his free time, he plays the double bass and drums or crosses the forest on his mountain bike. He likes spending time with his wife and two kids or meeting friends for a chat, game or drink.

When he still has some time left, he mainly spend it behind his computer to fulfill his hunger for the latest trends in IT.