Writing a Mura Plugin With FW/1

You can literally write a Mura plugin using any flavor of ColdFusion you want (Model-Glue, spaghetti code, whatever). However there are some benefits to doing so using FW/1. Mura provides a connector plugin for FW/1 making this process easier. We'll look at how to install and configure the FW/1 Connector plugin, and we'll even write some code, integrating the plugin into both the front-end of a site as well as the Mura Admin.

Description of Target Audience: Mura developers looking to extend functionality in Mura via a plugin.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Some familiarity with Mura and the basics of how to use FW/1.

Objective for the topic: Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to build a FW/1 plugin that talks to both the front and back ends of a Mura website.

Main takeaways:

  • Where to start -- a first look at the Connector plugin.
  • How to install a plugin into Mura and get started writing code.
  • How to configure the FW/1 Connector, and some new settings specific to integrating FW/1 with Mura Attaching the plugin to the Mura Admin
  • Attaching the plugin to the front-end of a Mura site (i.e. via Display Objects).



Nolan Erck

Nolan Erck has been developing software for 19 years. Starting in the video game industry working on titles for Maxis and LucasArts, then advancing to web development in 1999, his list of credits includes Grim Fandango, StarWars Rogue Squadron, SimPark, SimSafari as well as high-traffic websites for clients. Nolan manages the SacInteractive User Group, teaches classes on aspects of software development, and regularly gives presentations at conferences and user groups across the country.