See why FusionReactor is the #1 monitoring solution for CF - then go find out for yourself with a complimentary FR license!

This year, Intergral, the company behind FusionReactor are celebrating 20 years in business and to commemorate this and say a big “thank you” to the CF community who supported us along the way, each attendee at this year’s presentation will receive a complimentary FusionReactor Developer Edition license (value €179) – so you can experience the full benefits of FusionReactor during development and testing.

In this session, veteran CF trouble shooter Charlie Arehart will team-up with Intergral CEO David Tattersall,  to demonstrate how FusionReactor has enabled 1000’s of companies to get to the root of the most elusive defects and performance issues, and keep applications resilient.  You'll see why it’s the ONLY monitoring solution which can be effectively used across the whole Software Development Life Cycle – from dev to test to stage to production.

Charlie and David will be showing off such things as…

  • Archived Metrics (graphically view log data across restarts and for days/weeks back)
  • Thread Visualizer / CPU Sampler (spot CPU and other problems you might otherwise miss)
  • Automatic display/decompile CFML code from within FR (in stack traces, thread dumps, and profiles)
  • New CF tag instrumentation (CFFTP,  CFMAIL,  CFPOP,  CFIMAP, CFLDAP)
  • Support to track the new async operation in CF 2018
  • FusionReactor Cloud, many new features