Tools for improving your CFML code quality

Let's talk about code quality.

We all agree that our code needs to be functional so that it meets business requirements. We also should aim for code that is well written and maintainable for future changes. There are a lot of elements playing into that. A well thought system architecture is an important foundation. The selection of an appropriate framework could be the next step. In the end you might look at how to format and write your code on a line-by-line basis.

This talk will provide an introduction into code quality. We will look at various aspects around this term first. From there we can investigate different ways how you can perform code analysis. This will help you measure and understand code quality. There is a range of categories of tools available, some of which also support CFML.

In the second part of the talk we'll look at the details and usage of CFLint. CFLint is a static code analyser for CFML that is based on the CFParser project.


Kai König

Kai is one of the co-founders of and works as Software Solutions Architect for Ventego Creative Ltd in Wellington, New Zealand. He's also the CTO of Zen Ex Machina, a recently launched startup in the fields of digital & user experience consultancy.