Testing - How Vital and How Easy to use

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“Testing is just extra time we don’t have.” This is the common answer given why not to implement unit testing or similar testing. In this talk we will try to dispel this phrase.

I will show you the basics of writing unit tests using TestBox and MockBox framework. We will look into the demo examples that cover xUnit and BDD style of testing in TestBox.

We will then talk about Load Testing. Whether you are launching a new website or upgrading existing website infrastructure, load testing helps us to find and fix performance related problems before going live - thus reducing the risk. We will see how to do load testing using JMeter.

As we are doing this, you will see that adding testing into your process is not difficult and will save you time going forward.


Uma Ghotikar

Uma Ghotikar has 8+ years of work experience in web application development, database design and development. She did Master of Science in Information Systems from George Mason University, USA and Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from University of Mumbai, India. She enjoys coding especially the back-end application development and learning new technical skills.