Supercharge your content with ContentBox Modular CMS

Looking for a powerful content management system that runs on the JVM? ContentBox is a modular CMS that utilizes Hibernate ORM to provide a modern platform to build an entire site on or just a blog. REST endpoints, a fully securable admin, and out-of-process caching come standard. Deploy ContentBox to any J2EE container and integrate it with an existing site with native Java interop. In this session, we will get to create a new site, manage it and then containerize it with Docker. After containerization, we will integrate it with Nginx for high availability and load balancing and deploy a cluster of ContentBox minions.


Luis Majano

Luis Majano is a computer engineer residing in Southern California. He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and he is the president of Ortus Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in CFML web development, architecture, and professional open source support and services.