Solving problems in ways never before possible, with FusionReactor 7

FusionReactor is continuously adding improvements, but this year we have a real treasure trove of tools and solutions to mine. FusionReactor 7 adds many new ways to solve problems and keep your servers healthy, whether using ColdFusion, Lucee, or any Java application/server. In this session, veteran troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will share tips from his experience using FR every day to help people improve stability and performance, and without need of additional JVM tools or configuration.

Want to resolve seeming JVM memory leaks? FR 7 adds a memory profiler, allowing you to explore the heap, compare snapshots over time, plus more. Wish you could understand the Tomcat web connector better? FR 7 adds built-in support to view, explore, and graph JMX metrics, which can of course be used to measure ANY aspect of your application or your application server components which may expose metrics via JMX, all in the FR web UI. Want to watch your server's performance via AWS CloudWatch? FR 7 lets you export any and all metrics to that service.   Want to fully understand what each thread is currently doing and know how long it’s been busy?  FR 7.1 now has a new CPU Thread Sampler.

FR 7 also expands upon traditional capabilities from earlier releases. For instance, have a runaway request you can't kill? You can now pause or suspend it! The debugger has simplified breakpoint setting as well as a brand new UI to make it easier to view current variables and step through the stack frames.  There is enhanced error tracking for requests and queries, enhanced tracking of calls to external resources, and even little things like how you no longer need to use DSN connectionstring args to identify datasource names for queries, as FR now auto-detects them.   And so much more.  You can get a head start on appreciating more about FR features via the new "features panel" on the FR web site:

FusionReactor 7 also marks the production release of FusionReactor CLOUD, a cloud-based repository and interface alternative that extends the on-premise implementation of FR, adding historical metric data retention (up to 90 days). It also adds enhanced alerting, including alerting on many more conditions and seamless integration with alerting platforms such as PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, and more.

All these are on top of the recent important additions to FusionReactor 6, including CPU profiling, line metrics, production debugger, and system resource and NOSQL monitoring, which features add to the traditional APM, database, and end-user monitoring capabilities  FR has long had, along with crash protection, high performance logging, multi-server dashboards, and more. All these together make FR a unique tool compared to traditional java APM tools, with FusionReactor 7 capable of solving problems in ways never before possible.


Charlie Arehart

A veteran ColdFusion troubleshooter who's worked with CF since 1997 and in enterprise IT for more than three decades, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime contributor to the community and has for several years been a recognized Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Forums MVP, ColdFusion Customer Advisory Board member, and more. An independent consultant, he provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and CF experience levels.