Scaling the web - a field guide for normal software teams

While the web represents a fantastic opportunity for companies to reach huge markets with ease, it can present some very real and unique challenges for those looking to successfully grow their applications to "web scale".

This talk is aimed at smaller development teams likely to be found in earlier stage companies but relevant to all, and presents some of the common pitfalls and pain points in managing application growth while offering simple solutions based on experience, study and industry best practice.

From the importance of being stateless, through caching, queueing, database specific scaling, right up to SOA 101 this presentation has something to offer developers of all levels.


Rob Dudley

Rob is a software developer, CTO, company co-founder and has spent his professional life growing applications beyond their initial designs often with limited resources and budget. Based in Jersey in the Channel Islands he is a keen tinkerer, a bad DJ and a self confessed coffee snob who loves nothing more than sharing knowledge with others across a range of topics.