Practical Lessons Learned from 250+ Legacy CFML Projects

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Legacy Apps are quite an interesting beast to tackle: monolithic monsters usually between 10 to 20 years of age, powered by old infrastructure and archaic deployment processes, with thousands or even millions lines of spaghetti code that follow no architectural pattern or coding standards and do all sorts of crazy stuff, with no documentation to guide you through it, each app built with an unique mix of styles, for a unique purpose in mind, and posing a unique set of painful challenges. Legacy Land is not a nice place to be and moving away from it requires courage, commitment and shear willpower. I’ve been there and I am afraid to say this but there is not easy way out or shortcuts, it’s only hard work. However, after seeing and being part of hundreds projects that sought to modernize Legacy Apps, I’ve learned valuable practical lessons around Legacy Projects, practical lessons that I believe, when put into practice, can help increase the chances of project success. They focus on key elements that will help you plan and execute Legacy Projects in order to successfully deliver project results.


Jorge Reyes

Jorge is a passionate Industrial Engineer born in El Salvador with 9 years of experience managing projects. He currently manages web development projects for Ortus Solutions, Corp.