High Performance CFML

Updated Speed comparisons Lucee 4.5, Lucee 5.2, ACF 2016 & ACF 2018

What is fast and what is not fast coding wise

At the first CFCamp I presented a speed comparison between the then current Versions of Railo and ACF. It was the dinner presentation since it went for quite a while and I have to admit, that due to that presentation, the planned party had to be cancelled.

This presentation now has been:

1. Updated to the latest versions of ACF and Lucee and

2. Extended with new data and comparisons.

You will learn, what is fast and what not in Lucee and/or ACF, and what one can do in order to prevent slow websites due to your slow code. This is an a/b testing with as much basic information as possible.

In addition we will have a look at the latest version of the Rasia Tool ArgusCache and how it can help you improve the performance of your system.


Gert Franz

Gert was born in 1967 and lives in Switzerland since 1997. Back in the late eighties he studied astrophysics in Munich but switched to later IT as a profession and programmed for several companies in the past as a database administrator and system analyst.