ORM Love and Hate

ORM stands for Object Relational Mapper. In applications, objects know about each other through references in memory. In a relational database, tables of data refer to each other through primary and foreign key relationships. An ORM translates objects relational data into objects while the developer doesn’t have to do any of the hard work, so ORM should be a real time-saver.

In this presentation we will see if this promise holds true, based on our own experiences with a fairly complex customer portal project started > 10 years ago. We will show the basics of Coldfusion ORM, show some of the complexities we encountered when we started, from Transfer ORM in CF8, via CF ORM and custom SQL in CF9.0, CF ORM only in CF9.01 and the limitations of Hibernate ORM in Lucee 4 and 5. We will show some tools which could help increase your ORM Love such as the Coldbox ORM module and an alternative approach to ORM with Quick ORM. If you really can’t stop hating ORM there are still other options to make database interactions easier, such as query and scheme builders in qb and database migrations with cfmigrations.


Wil de Bruin

Wil graduated in Environmental Sciences and started off his career as a research microbiologist. It took him almost 10 years before he continued fulltime as an IT specialist. In 1994 he founded Site4U BV, at that time a company specializing in software development and web design. One of his first application was to find Dutch ISPs at local area rates written in PHP/Mini SQL, but soon he discovered this kind of interactive websites could easier be built with DBML using Cold Fusion by Allaire.