OAuth 2 for me and you

Authentication is key when dealing with the web, certainly when calling, liaising with and using external API services. You may even need to implement ( or may already have ) your own authentication service for your apps or for others to use.

In this session, Matt will discuss the OAuth 2 protocol, what it means to be a consumer or provider, and how to navigate the handshake communications between the service. At the end of this session, you will walk taller, safe in the fact that you are filled with knowledge of OAuth 2, how to use it and how to build your own service.


Matt Gifford

Matt Gifford is owner and primary primate at his own development consultancy company, monkehWorks Ltd. His work primarily focuses on building mobile apps and ColdFusion development, although he's such a geek he enjoys writing in a variety of languages. He's a published author and presents at conferences and user groups on a variety of topics.