How to migrate 400.000 webpages with ColdFusion - an adventure story.

Goethe-Institut, the cultural institute representing the Federal Republic of Germany internationally, had to renew almost all of their software infrastructure that powers their web activities worldwide. Almost all components from the Content-Management System to the internal search engine had been reviewed and renewed.

We're talking about 300 websites covering 98 countries in 64 languages, maintained by 700 content editors from all over the world. All in all the impressive amount of 400.000 static webpages as well as a couple of web applications. We'd like to give you an inside look behind the scenes, show strategies how to survive such a project, and give away some lessons learned.

We'll also look at the landscape how it looks today, including a MariaDB cluster, dedicated mobile applications, an Akamai CDN and a couple of new highly complex dynamic application including a social network for 500.000 users. And - you already guessed it - it's all done with ColdFusion.

So join us for an one hour rollercoaster ride through 5 years of enterprise level ColdFusion webdevelopment.


Jonathan Winter

Jonathan Winter hat als Projektleiter über mehrere Jahre die Einführung eines neuen CMS für das Goethe-Institut begleitet. Content-Management ist hier in allen Bereichen eine Nummer größer: Sehr viele Nutzer, sehr viele Sites und sehr viele Sprachen. Neben der Begeisterung für agile Methoden ist Jonathan auch ein leidenschaftlicher Kicker-Spieler.

Matthias Proske

Matthias Proske entwickelte bereits unter den ersten ColdFusion Versionen Applikationen für grosse Unternehmen und hat, auch nach vielen mobilen Applikationen und Webprojekten mit anderen Programmiersprachen, CFML nie aus den Augen verloren. Heute ist er CTO bei Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH und betreut in dieser Funktion neben einem immer größeren Anteil an mobilen Applikationen auch verschiedene grosse ColdFusion Projekte.

Markus Bokowsky

Markus Bokowsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH. For more than 15 years Markus has explored the capabilities of online media in marketing communication. Identifying the strategic potential of emerging technologies had always been a key factor to the success of his company throughout its history. Markus is a passionate iPhone user, and his strongest belief is that the future of the Internet will lie anywhere but sitting in front of a PC.