Lucee 5.3 and beyond

Right before CFCamp Lucee 5.3 will be released which holds many new features and improvements. Let’s have a look what the Lucee developers have in stock for us in the released version and what is planned for the future versions.

Is there a version 6.x on the horizon? What could we hope for? What should we pray for, what can we do in order to make it happen?

Micha and Gert will present the latest and greatest of Lucee CFML and discuss with you the future of Lucee and LAS.


Gert Franz

Gert was born in 1967 and lives in Switzerland since 1997. Back in the late eighties he studied astrophysics in Munich but switched to later IT as a profession and programmed for several companies in the past as a database administrator and system analyst.

Michael Offner-Streit

Born in Switzerland in 1973 he left his job as an auto mechanic in 1995 and found his way into the information technology during the dot-com hype. He started Railo as a diploma project where he was supposed to write a compiler for translating CFML into CFXD. In late 2014 Michael left the Railo project. A few months later he started the Lucee project as a fork of the Railo LGPL code.