How To Design With Your User’s Needs & Expectations In Mind

UI/UX web mobile best practices

What to expect:

  • A short introduction to UX (what is UX and the importance of it), some examples of bad UX, and the never-ending battle between UX and UI
  • UX designers: What do they do, process of UX design
  • Usability testing, evaluation tools, principals and methods
  • Nielsen's heuristics evaluation (the 10 usability heuristics)
  • The process behind the heuristic evaluation
  • Lots of examples!

The guidelines I will be presenting are general rules of thumb and will mostly be applicable to any web and mobile application with some exceptions.

As I mentioned in my presentation: "Always use your judgment to implement these principles or any other UX practices by keeping yourself in end user’s shoes."

My talk will be more focused on mobile/web applications rather than on physical products.


Eleftheria Batsou

I currently work as an App Developer and I’m freelancing as a designer and a content creator, you can find a couple of my courses on PacktPub, and Udemy (about coding) or Skillshare (about UX design). I am also involved in a master’s degree which is about graphical arts and multimedia. In my limited free time, I create youtube videos for my youtube channel, I enjoy long walks in nature and coffee with good friends :)