Hidden gems in ColdFusion 2023

What’s new in CF2023–that you may not hear so much about? With each release, certain “key” features get lots of attention, but there are always little “hidden gems” that may excite you even more.

It’s that time again: another new ColdFusion version, and another chance for Charlie Arehart to reprise his classic “hidden gems” approach to finding what all is new that you might miss, like he’s been doing since CF4.0.1. Some may be modest features that few would use, while others may be pretty big deals but which just don’t get much press. There are always FAR more new things with each release than most people realize–usually several dozen (and CF2023 should be no exception), and then more may come in updates to follow. Charlie will identify them, highlighting some, as well as discussing edition differences, pricing, migration issues, and pointing to resources for learning more.