GDPR: concerns of a WebDev

Since the European General Data Protection Regulation took effect in May web developers had to face a lot of pratical problems to fulfill the new regulation. Especially the legally integration of common Social Media PlugIns is a challenging effort.

The code snippets and APIs provided by the social networks demand personal data from all page visitors. Sharing this personal data without the user´s consent is not longer allowed by the Data protection rules of the GDPR. As a result of the lac of transparency by the Social Media Platforms it is not possible for website owners to get the consent of the users in a proper way.

Meanwhile solutions like Shariff or Embetty were developed to display remote content like tweets or videos without compromising the user´s privacy. But none of these common solutions were useable for CF. That´s why Bokowsky + Laymann developed an own framework for this purpose. In this talk Tom Ladek and Markus Laymann present the technical and legal problems of this project and the way they were solved.