FW1 - Don't do spaghetti code, Use ultra light MVC framework

Legacy spaghetti code sucks, If your avg. LOC of your cfm file is high, then you are going to spent half of your life time in scrolling & debugging that monolithic code. FW1 will help to start with baby steps to organize your code in to MVC design patterned codebase. In this session, We will cover basics of MVC, FW1 basics, commonly used functions, REST support. We will try to cover subsystems, DI/1 & AOP/1.


Saravanamuthu Aka CF Mitrah

Saravana muthu is Full Stack (MERN & CFML) Web Developer at MitrahSoft, a 30 members Web Development company from India for your CFML & MERN applications. Mitrahsoft is Oper source Enthusiastic company contributed & worked with famous CFML OSS like PresideCMS, MuraCMS, Razuna, CFDocs ..etc. Muthu is an expert in CFML, NodeJS, ReactJS and MuraCMS.