End to End Testing of Coldfusion Applications using Test Cafe

cfml testing coding tools

The talk proposed content:

  • a Brief refresh of one of well known patterns used on Test Automation: the Page Object Model.
  • why Test Cafe is the choice vs cypress vs selenium
  • Case study: the development of test automation infrastructure to test a very big Application Suite (Transportation Management System + Supply Management System) written CFML + Bootstrap, using a custom framework .
  • How to create your testing scripts skeleton using your CFML code.
  • Design and setup of the test governance process using Open Source solutions:
    • TestLink
    • Mantis
    • Test Cafe
  • Adding Test Automation to your CI chain using Gitlab and docker.


Francisco Mancardi

Francisco Mancardi, Electronics Engineer from Universidad de Buenos Aires , Argentina. +30 year experience in software development, networking, linux/unix Sysadmin and training TestLink Team Leader & Core developer Currently Methodology & Training Manager @ TESISQUARE (www.tesisquare.com) Development Languages experiences: microprocessors assembler, C, perl, bash shell, tcl/tk,php, Coldfusion, javascript Open source advocate