Deploying and Testing your sites with Bitbucket

CI/CD tools infrastructure best practices

In this talk, Mark Drew will talk about how we have been using Bitbucket pipelines, Docker, CodeceptJS, TestBox and other tools to get our full suite of tests and assurances that our sites are up after each deployment.

We can do automatic as well as manual deployments and in this presentation he will show you: - Bitbucket Pipelines - Deployment and branches - Running Unit tests in different environments - Running UI tests via CodeceptJS and BrowserStack - Monitoring failures via Sentry


Mark Drew

Mark has been programming CFML since 1996, and even though he has had forays into Perl, ASP and PHP he is still loving every line of code he has crafted with CFML. His career has concentrated on eCommerce, Content Management and Application Scalability for various well known brands in the UK market such as Jaeger, Hackett, Hobbs, Dyson, B&W, Diesel amongst others.