CF2018 - Hidden gems

It's that time again: another new version of CF has come out (CF2018), and it's time for veteran CF troubleshooter and presenter Charlie Arehart to continue his tradition of identifying "hidden gems" in the new release, as he's been doing since CF4.

Sure, most people can name a few of the big, new features in each release, while others will lament "there's not much new", when in fact there is!

Just as in every release of CF, there are always lots of things that go unheralded and which may be just what you've been waiting for or that may delight you, whether solving a long-standing problem for you or providing a new technique, and whether related to coding, troubleshooting, administration, enterprise integration, and more.

Charlie will also help identify edition differences, pricing, migration issues, etc., and as always where to find out more.



Charlie Arehart

A veteran server troubleshooter who's worked in enterprise IT for more than three decades, Charlie Arehart is a longtime community contributor who as an independent consultant provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and experience levels.