cbStreams : come accelerate your functional programming with Java streams in CFML

Welcome to the wonderful world of Java Streams ported for the CFML world!

The whole idea of streams is to enable functional-style operations on streams of elements. A stream is an abstraction, it’s not a data structure. It’s not a collection where you can store elements. The most important difference between a stream and a structure is that a stream doesn’t hold the data. For example you cannot point to a location in the stream where a certain element exists. You can only specify the functions that operate on that data. A stream is an abstraction of a non-mutable collection of functions applied in some order to the data.


Luis Majano

Luis Majano is a computer engineer residing in Southern California. He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and he is the president of Ortus Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in CFML web development, architecture, and professional open source support and services.