Building Apps for Amazon Alexa

In this presentation you will learn the foundations of developing voice-enabled apps for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and building your own custom Alexa Skill in ColdFusion. We will go through the creation of an app, learning by example, focusing on first creating and defining your app on the Amazon Developer portal, then how to make it talk to your ColdFusion code, and lastly how to test things even if you don't have a device. A sample CF project will be supplied, to be used as a base for you to take away and start your own app.


Evagoras Charalambous

Evagoras Charalambous has worked as a Microsoft Developer for EMC, a tutor for a University, and a PHP, Java and CFML Developer for various media companies ofr the last 20 years. He is now working as an independent Software Consultant, specializing in Web and Mobile technologies.