Automated Database Migrations with CFMigrations

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cfmigrations is a tool to describe database changes and version them with your application code. Using migrations you can:

  1. Write grammar-agnostic database schema changes with a fluent syntax using qb
  2. Apply your database changes in a programmatic, reproducible manner
  3. Save your migrations in source control
  4. Run your migrations from the CLI using CommandBox.
  5. Automatically migrate your database from CI servers
  6. Use migrations with TestBox to ensure a clean database environment every time

cfmigrations can be used in new projects, existing projects, or even just for testing. Come see how cfmigrations can help you tame your database.


Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson is a CFML and javascript developer at Ortus Solutions (ColdBox, CommandBox, etc.). He is a prolific module developer and the creator of projects like qb, Quick, and ColdBox Elixir. In his free time he loves spending time with family, playing geeky board games, and participating in theatre.