A Tale of Legacy To Modernization

Evolve or Die! How many times havethey told you, „You still coding in that?“. Come to this session to discover the infamous land of legacy ColdFusion applications, their why and existence motivations. We will then discover how to finally evolve them and take them to the wonderful land of Modern ColdFusion. Come and be inspired to kill the legacy monsters that have haunted you for far too long. We will deliver you once and for all of these inhumane beasts, so you can be proud of writing kick-ass applications with kick-ass tools in ColdFusion. Evolve or Die!


Luis Majano

Luis Majano is a computer engineer residing in Southern California. He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and he is the president of Ortus Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in CFML web development, architecture, and professional open source support and services.