create a 2-factor authentication for your own website

Security is getting more and more important. A 2-factor authentication will help you securing your logins.

In this Session Rob shows you how to implement a 2-factor authentication for your own website. Learn about the different protocols FIDO U2F, Yubico OTP,  Challenge-Response, etc.

See how you can use your personal YubiKey for your own website.


Your personal YubiKey 4

Every attendee gets his own YubiKey 4 (worth $40) to use for his own purpose. Use it to authenticate yourself against services and websites like Gitlab, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, etc.

But what is much more interesting: Use it for your own websites and applications. Rob will show you how to do it.



Rob Dudley

Rob is a software developer, CTO, company co-founder and has spent his professional life growing applications beyond their initial designs often with limited resources and budget. Based in Jersey in the Channel Islands he is a keen tinkerer, a bad DJ and a self confessed coffee snob who loves nothing more than sharing knowledge with others across a range of topics.