PresideCon (Oct, 16th)

On Oct., 16th we will present you to a full day of presentation and insights of our application framework and enterprise content management system PresideCMS.
We will show you, how easy websites can be created and especially can be extended with your own application logic. If you need a simple website or a complex multi-language website with all the fuzzy stuff - PresideCMS can be the right choice for you.




Welcome to Presidecon 2019 with Alex Skinner & Steve Dowle


What's new in Preside 10.11 with Dominic Watson


Another year has passed and another slew of exciting and powerful changes to the Preside platform have come to pass. Dominic takes us on a deep dive into the changes released in 10.11.


Preside in the wild with Alex Skinner


Preside has been used by Pixl8 not only to deliver a large number of websites, but also a growing number of applications. In this talk, Alex will walk you through a number of example projects, showing you how preside is used alongside other extensions and technology to go way beyond thinking of it only as a CMS




Data API with Seb Duggan


Seb shows how, with just a few lines of code, you can expose your Preside data layer to the world via a REST API authentication, documentation and data queues out of the box; and what you can then do to customise and add extra functionality.


Developing admin applications with Dominic Watson


The Preside platform is an incredibly powerful data management application platform. Dominic takes us on a detailed tour of how the system can be used to rapidly develop custom admin applications such as intranets, hr systems, and more.




Preside on Kubernetes with Florindo Lopez


Deploying your application to the cloud can be a challenge. Preside applications are ready made to be packaged up as containerised applications, and in this talk we will show you how to prepare your Preside application for Kubernetes and then deploy it, using an automated CI script.




Content personalisation with Niall O'Doherty


How to use the powerful Rules Engine feature in Preside for targeting personalised content to your visitors based on any information we have about them such as their IP or location. Also, find out how to extend the rules engine by developing your own custom expressions.


Building an extension / contributing with Jan Jannek


During this session, Jan will run through the process of how to create a Preside extension and use it within an existing website or app. He will also examine how you can publish the extension to let others use it, before moving onto how anyone can actively contribute to Preside core development, in particular how you locally build, develop and test the Preside platform and create a pull request for your changes to get them into the core. 


Post event drinks and get together