PresideCon (Oct, 18th)

The day before CFCamp, Wednesday, Oct. 18th, we'd like to invite you to a full day of presentations and insights into our Open Source application framework, Preside.

We will show you how effortlessly websites and admin applications can be created and then extended with all the power of Coldbox supercharged with Preside on top. If you need a simple website or a complex multilanguage website with all the fuzzy stuff - Preside can be the right choice for you.

Come and see the software, talk to the developers and ask your questions.

This event only costs €5 which includes food and drinks and a really delicious lunch with an awesome view over the Munich airport! Any proceeds will be donated to a charity for social good, details to follow.






Alex Skinner

Get it up and running

Get Preside up and running in a few steps and build your first widget


Seb Duggan

Image manipulation with Preside

See the flexibility and of derivatives and how images can be manipulated easily


Dom Watson

Feature show

The email centre and the rules engine - two core modules that makes your life easy




Jan Jannek

Interface design

Learn how to build a custom admin ui


Dom Watson

Putting it together

How we build Preside and how to contribute. + How we build and host Preside
sites and how you might do the same (including Docker).


Alex Skinner & Dominic Watson

Closing remarks + Roadmap


Sounds good? Yes, we think so, too. So go ahead and get your ticket here: