Centralize your logs with the Elastic Stack (Oct, 16th)

Most organizations feel the need to centralize their logs — once you have more than a couple of servers or containers, SSH and tail will not serve you well any more. However, the common question or struggle is how to achieve that.

This talk presents multiple approaches and patterns with their advantages and disadvantages, so you can pick the one that fits your organization best. We will go through several steps in order to achieve and understand what proper logging means: Parsing, shipping, structuring, searching and visualizing your log data.

We will start with nothing and then use the Elastic Stack to get more and more of an overview, while still be able to drill down into a single log event.

If you want to follow using the same system setup, you should come with a laptop that has docker and java 8+ installed, cloned the following repository https://github.com/xeraa/java-logging and have run docker-compose up in order to download all the images.

There will also be enough time for Q&A at the end of this session, so we can discuss all things Elastic Stack!


This workshop is given by Alex Reelsen from Elastic.co

Date: Oct, 16th, 9:00 - 13:00, Munich Airport Marriott Hotel, Freising