Change of the venue

Let’s talk about worst case scenarios

You all know what a worst case scenario is. A server breaks down and the backups don’t work. You accidently deleted some tables in a database. Or the coffee machine doesn’t work in the morning.

What could be a worst case scenario for someone who is running a conference? Maybe that the hotel, where you want to hold up the conference and which is currently a construction site, will not be ready in time for your conference.

And guess what? Exactly this happened!

And this is the reason why we have been so quiet in the last time about CFCamp.

But let’s start at the beginning. When we looked for a conference hotel we found the brand new Courtyard hotel which had the perfect constellation for our needs. It was a construction site and the schedule was to open in May. Very soon the schedule changed to open in July. We were still optimistic.

But a couple of weeks ago we got a phone call: „We’re sorry to say, but we have a serious problem“

And there we have our worst case scenario: The hotel is not ready before the conference.

Ok. Take a deep breath. What should we do.

We started immediately to search for a new location. Unfortunately our location from the last years, the Municon, was already booked out.
The team from the Courtyard Hotel, which belongs to the Marriott Hotel Group, also looked out for a solution and offered us the Munich Airport Marriott Hotel in Freising near the airport.

And we will move to there.

So, what does this mean?

For us as organizer this means a lot of additional work to get everything fit in at the new location. All information need to be changed, new plans need to be written, and so on, and so on.

For you as attendee it means: Basically nothing you have to concern about. We will just move the location smothly from one location to the other and the only thing for you is getting to the correct hotel. The prices will be same same cheap prices as in the Courtyard hotel. But before you start doing a reservation please wait for our booking code to get the correct rate.

After all of the years organizing the cfcamp this is the first time something doesn’t work as expected. But we’re on the road. We already have soem speakers and talks and after clarifying the situation with the hotel we can go on. I apologize for don’t letting you know earlier, but before giving you some fake news we wanted to have everything final.

We hope to see you all at CFCamp this year. But now in Freising.

Best regards,
Michael Hnat